The Journal for Development and Leadership (JDL) (ISSN 2226-0102) is an initiative of the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The aim of the journal is to promote academic scholarship by providing a platform for the publication of research in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, business management, finance, and the humanities.

The JDL invites submissions for publication in the fields of business and management from national and international:

  • Academics
  • Business managers
  • Corporate leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Public service managers and leaders
  • Researchers
  • Planners
  • Consultants
  • Other interested parties

The journal promotes the publication of research in all disciplines within development, leadership, business and government

Examples of areas of research and disciplines are listed below:

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human resource management
  • Information technology management
  • Marketing
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Public relations
  • Public management
  • Sport management
  • Tourism management
  • Development
  • Business Management
  • Management
  • General issues in business and the economic sciences
  • Management issues in business and the economic sciences
  • Transformation issues in business and the economic sciences 
  • Consumer spending behaviour
  • Economics
  • Financial management
  • Performance measurement measures
  • Pricing and promotion of products
  • General business practices and functions in a developing economy
  • Planning, implementation, forecasting and revenue management
  • Globalisation in business and economic sciences
  • Government policies on business and economic environments
  • Research methodologies
  • Information processing and sales

The editorial policy, which includes the style guide for authors, is included.

Please submit your article and a 200-word abstract of the article electronically to the editorial co-ordinator at any of the email addresses below:

Receipt of all articles will be acknowledged via email.

All authors will be notified whether their articles have been accepted for the double-blind peer review process after the initial screening by the consulting editors of the editorial committee. The editorial committee (responsible for the initial screening of submissions), consists of professors and senior academics in the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences at Nelson Mandela University.

The members of the National and International Editorial Peer Review Board, who will perform the double-blind peer reviews, comprise renowned national and international academics and practitioners specialising in various development, leadership, business and management fields.

The JDL supports ethical conduct in research, and as such all authors must declare, as per the attached form, that their research meets with the requirements of the Helsinki Declaration pertaining to ethical clearances and guidelines.

All authors whose articles are accepted for publication will be required to sign an “assignment of copyright” form prior to publication of the article.

Thank you for your contributions to and support of the JDL.

Editorial Co-ordinator