Volume 1, Number 1


Hiv/Aids as a threat to investment in tourism projects – the case of Botswana
Ketshabile, L.S.

The purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretical underpinning for an exploration of the practical implications of HIV/AIDS on investments in tourism projects in Botswana. Tourism, second only to mining, is a key economic sector in Botswana which – together with the rest of the Southern African region – is faced with a severe prevalence of HIV/AIDS. This paper is based on an in-depth literature review of published journal papers and the results of empirical research surveys conducted by various tourism companies in the country. This paper analyses the possible threat of HIV/AIDS on investment in Botswana with specific reference to the tourism
sector; it concludes that the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Botswana threatens investments in the country’s tourism sector.

Further research on the possible impact of HIV/AIDS on tourism investments is imperative in order to explore the implications of this pandemic on future economic development and diversification in Botswana. This paper proposes that policy makers and tourism investors should also focus their strategies on the fight against HIV/AIDS. These strategies should not be limited to tourism development but should also include minimising the impacts of HIV/AIDS on current tourism businesses. This paper has importance for policy makers and stakeholders who wish to take informed decisions in the fight against the threat of HIV/AIDS on the tourism sector. The paper may also assist academics who wish to expand their knowledge with regard to the impact of HIV/AIDS on the tourism sector of the economy.

Keywords: Tourism, HIV/AIDS, Impact, Economy