Volume 1, Number 1


Managerial perceptions regarding corporate governance: an ethical perspective
Smith, E.E.

This article investigates managerial perceptions of corporate governance from an ethical
perspective. To achieve the research objectives, a comprehensive literature study was conducted so as to provide a theoretical framework for the empirical study. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to a non-probability convenience sample of 175 organisations in the designated region.

The results were analysed by means of descriptive statistics and frequency distribution findings. Five factors related to corporate governance were identified and tested. Specific aspects related to ethics and corporate governance included the following: King III report, ethical values, corporate citizenship and sustainable reporting. The article goes beyond the financial and regulatory aspects of governance in order to address the interests of a wide range of stakeholders. In addition, it espouses the fundamental principles of social, ethical, environmental and good financial practices. Ethics could build the framework for decision-making and governance processes in an organisation. The inter-dependent relationships that exist among organisations and their stakeholders, as well as the economic system and the community within which they operate, are of equal importance. Useful guidelines are also provided for implementing ethical corporate governance principles.

Keywords: corporate governance; ethics; sustainability