Volume 1, Number 2


The NGO sector in South Africa: history, issues and prospects
Kumaran, M., Samuel, N. and Winston, L.

This article presents an overview of the state of non-governmental organisations (NGO) sector in South Africa based on a review of available literature. It traces the robust growth of South Africa’s NGO sector from the apartheid period through the post-apartheid era and up to the country’s current status. The document highlights the legal framework under which the sector operates; explores philanthropic giving and volunteering patterns; identifies some broad issues the sector is facing including the regulatory framework, governance, transparency and accountability, resource mobilization, and strategic growth; and highlights opportunities for growth. Some similarities in the growth pattern, barriers and prospects between the NGO sectors of South Africa and India are also explored.


Keywords: Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil Society, Philanthropy and Volunteerism, Social Services, Transparency & Accountability, and NGO collaboration