Volume 2, Number 2


Developing leaders through their unique histories: A leadership development instructional model (L-DIM)
Harewood, E.A.

Leaders are faced with many challenges and at the same time they are expected to lead sometimes without any acknowledgement of their unique histories which can give them perspective about themselves. In some situations leaders find themselves in situations where the results are not helpful and can lead to derailment. Therefore, this article focuses on developing leaders through their unique histories using the Leadership Development Instructional Model (L-DIM). The L-DIM is designed to trace histories and to examine how the strengths and weaknesses embodied in those histories can assist or impede leaders. Thus, the Leadership Development Instructional Model (L-DIM) will be used as a leadership development intervention to help leaders better understand themselves through their histories and to trace how these might have evolved and influenced their chosen leadership definition, leadership philosophy and behavior and leadership style that ensue from these.

Keywords: Leaders’ history; leadership development; leaders’ mindsets; Leadership Development Instructional Model (L-DIM), leadership definition; socialization