Volume 2, Number 2


Diamond mining as a possible strategy for tourism product diversification in Botswana
Mahachi, D. and Ketshabile, L.S.

This paper explores the potential utilisation of diamond mining in tourism development in Botswana. It assesses the attractiveness of the country’s diamond mining resources as a tool in diversifying the tourism industry, which inherently relies on nature-based attractions. Semi-structured questionnaires were electronically and manually distributed to 175 experts in the mining and tourism industries and academia at the University of Botswana. Interviews were also held with key informants from the Department of Mines and Botswana Tourism Organisation. Findingsfrom this study strongly encourage the development of a diamond museum as the most viable tourism attraction for the country. Experts were also of the opinion that the security of diamonds is a major issue that should be seriously considered by government and policy makers if avenue is to be employed as a tourism diversification strategy. In general the main thrust of the development of diamond tourism attractions as espoused by experts should not only be meant to increase visitation and enrich visitation experiences, but should also broaden the scope of knowledge amongst the local populace. This study therefore has transformation implications for government, policy makers and society.

Keywords: Diamond tourism development; destination attractiveness; expert opinion