Volume 3, Number 1


Revenue sharing regimes and conflict prevention in Nigeria between government and private sector
Akpanuko, E.E.

How equitable is resource sharing in different countries and communities? This question has been the basis for violent conflict in Nigeria in general (Boko Haram) and in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria, in particular (Niger Delta Militants). The Nigerian case is a paradox of poverty and violent conflict in the midst of the abundance. In between this scenario is a complex and varying formula for the distribution of oil revenue only, while revenues from other resources are wholly owned by the region in which they are found. The Niger Delta region has suffered several years of neglect and environmental degradation from oil exploratory activities. The multi- national companies’ operating in this region have not been helping matters. What is the way for- ward for peace and who is responsible? These are the issues addressed by this paper. It traces the history of the problem, analyses the developments in the region and presents a case for Strategic Government-Private Partnership built on accountability.

Keywords: Conflict; Revenue; Resource sharing; Partnership; Equity; Development