Volume 3, Number 2


Infrastructure, indigenisation and the Black Economic Empowerment Policy in Zimbabwe: rethinking the role of the State
Chirisa, I., Bandauko, E. and Kawadza, S.

The role of the state and other players in the provision of infrastructure in its diverse forms in the current ‘indigenisation’ process in Zimbabwe remains unclear and undefined. In light of this problem, this article seeks to review the significance of infrastructure provision and its maintenance in the current socio-economic dispensation, to assess the centrality of infrastructure development and maintenance in the specific goal of economic indigenisation and black economic empowerment in Zimbabwe and to evaluate the role of the state in a changing policy environment. The Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act (Chapter 14:33) of 2007 is not clear about infrastructure provision yet the utilities and infrastructure sector is one of the most affected sectors in the Zimbabwean economy. Roads, civil aviation and railway networks across the country have not seen major improvements and modernisation and are deteriorating dismally.

Keywords: Infrastructure Provision; Indigenisation and Empowerment; Economy; Sustainable Infrastructure.