Volume 5, Number 1


Embracing networked journalism between shallowness and depth (a qualitative view)
Kaul, V.

It is widely acknowledged that today’s news media are changing radically. New forms of what is coming to be known as ‘networked journalism’ are increasingly visible. This new form of networked journalism based on new media is changing the core of news production and consumption, challenging the business models of the past and the efforts of traditional journalism organisations to control the news. In today's interactive digital information environment, journalists lose the power to define what makes and shapes the news. Media outlets now manoeuvre through a space characterised by continuous information flows, and share communication paths with new information providers in an online, always-on environment. This article sketches this dynamic sphere and introduces the paradigm of 'network journalism'. Structured around digital networks, the sphere of network journalism unravels evolving patterns of information production. The task for journalistic organisations now is to figure out how to include the many traditional and alternative information nodes in their everyday work. The loss of control over a formerly strictly regulated information-exchange sphere is viewed here as an opportunity for journalism to review its practices.

However, as journalists take on new roles and more voices are heard, there is a growing need to understand the implications of the new forms of boundary crossing that are being encouraged by this new form of journalism. Emerging forms of journalism may provide a foundation for public dialogue that enables stories about distant others to be told and better understood. The consequence may be that there will be new opportunities for enhanced sharing of viewpoints. Although convergent media platforms create opportunities for new exchanges, there are reasons to question whether the potential will be met.

Keywords: Networked journalism; traditional journalism; digital environment; media platform.