Volume 5, Number 1


Exit dimensions of low entrepreneurial start-up of business ventures among graduates in Nigeria
Udofot, P.O., Udoidem, J.O., and Inyang, E.B.

productivity and efficiency. At present many organisations worldwide employ outsourcing in their daily business operations, many of which are outsourced to other countries This study evaluated the global offshoring trends through the use of secondary data collection method. The findings suggest that offshoring can either be a success or failure, or both, due to the fact that the global business environment consists of opportunities as well as challenges. Findings also suggest that both developed and developing countries contract outsourcing companies in foreign countries to facilitate in ensuring certain business functions are performed. India dominates in outsourcing. However, Africa still has a long way to go with regard to being

Keywords: Entrepreneurship education; new venture start-up; entrepreneurial intention.