Volume 5, Number 1


Promoting positive school leadership and development through the integrated values model (IVAMO)
Sekiwu, D. and Naluwemba, F.

The concepts of leadership and development apply to all human experiences, including schools. For school environments to produce quality products of education, such schools must support the implementation of good school leadership and ultimately quality school development. However, the promotion of positive learner discipline is one among the many factors that influence progressive school leadership and development. In this article the view is explicated that school discipline is partly articulated by the IVAMO framework. This framework provides the promotion of discipline using a set of human values because values are moral choices providing avenues through which human character is formed and shaped in order to make it appropriate for social interaction. It is argued that when values are properly articulated in schools, positive discipline is realised. Positive discipline allows school leaders to influence actions of people, especially learners, so as to make rational decisions that aid the fulfilment of school development. The IVAMO framework therefore articulates clearly how school discipline, school leadership and school development are inter-related to promote quality schooling and education. The model provides eight metaphorical pillars which can be implemented in schools. 

Keywords: School leadership; school discipline; school development; visionary leadership.