Volume 5, Number 2


Perceived factors that influence the adoption of ICT among SMEs in Nigeria
E.E. Daferighe and I.E. Asogwa

Business entities are mostly influenced by organisational behaviour and business environment. Information and communications technology (ICT) is the answer to the growth of SMEs. This study was conducted to examine the perceived factors that influence the adoption of ICT among SMEs in Nigeria using the structural equation modelling (SEM) technique. The model revealed that only perceived cost largely influenced SMEs behaviour towards ICT adoption in Nigeria with a critical ratio (CR)of18.39at a 5 per centlevel of significance,while other factors such as perceived benefit, ICT knowledge and skills, external pressure and government support showed a CR of less than one (1) each. This suggests that they do not have a significant influence on ICT adoption among SMEs in Nigeria. It also explains the slow growth of SMEs in Nigeria and the seeming inability to revive the economy through job creation and increased performance. It was recommended thatfor Nigerian SMEs to join global players, they need to becompetitively driven and enjoy a range of innovation via alternative service delivery and growth-oriented platforms. In addition, they should be more inclined towards the overwhelming benefits of ICT adoption with attendant government support. 

Keywords: Information and communications technology (ICT); structural equation modelling (SEM); small and medium enterprises (SMEs); perceived costs; factors; government support. INTRODUCTION