Volume 5, Number 2


Promoting managementeffectivenesss in South African public hospitals
C. Adendorff, N. Hoffman, B. Botha and G. Adendorff

Effective leadership is essential for the achievement of organisational success. The need for strong leadership and increased diversity are prominent issues in today’s health service workforce. Effective leadership therefore is the central ingredient necessary for progress as well as for the development and survival of organisations, especially in a changing environment such as in South Africa. This study was undertaken to explore and describe the views of health professionals with respect to factors that promote or influence leadership effectiveness in South African public hospitals. The research design of this study was a quantitative, explorative, and a descriptive survey effort. Interviews were conducted to explore and describe the views and perceptions of healthcare professionals (clinical and non-clinical), and management

Keywords: Leadership; health service workforce; management.