The Journal of Development and Leadership (JDL) is the flagship academic publication of the Business and Economics Sciences Faculty at Nelson Mandela University.

The JDL was established in 2012, and has moved from strength-to-strength, attracting contributions from emerging and more accomplished scholars in South Africa and the world. Since its establishment, the Journal has contributed significantly to the university’s teaching and learning, and research.

The next stage in the unfolding process is to open up the Journal to more epistemologies, to include post-positivist and more critical scholarship, and generally expanding the horizon of inquiry. This will include contributions from scholars and researchers across disciplines in the social sciences and humanities – with particular focus on development and leadership

On this basis the JDL is to be a dynamic, internationally-recognised journal of excellence in research and scholarship that will stimulate sustainable development, and promote ethical leadership. The Journal will provide a place for young and emerging scholars from across the Global South, to present their ideas and research findings. Through a blend of theoretical and empirical work, the journal will contribute to knowledge production in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

The Journal is published bi-annually, in June and December. A double-blind peer review process is followed, supported by a national and international Editorial Peer Review Board. Receipt of all articles will be acknowledged via email. Contributors will be notified whether their articles have been accepted for the peer review process, after initial screening by the consulting editors of the editorial committee. The editorial committee (responsible for the initial screening of submissions), is made up of academics in the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences at mandela.

The members of the National and International Editorial Peer Review Board, who will perform the double-blind peer reviews, include renowned national and international academics and practitioners specialising in development, leadership, economics, business and management, and tourism.

The JDL supports ethical conduct in research, and as such all authors are required to declare that their research meets with the requirements of the Helsinki Declaration on ethical clearances and guidelines. All authors whose articles are accepted for publication will be required to sign an “assignment of copyright” form prior to publication of the article.

Papers should be submitted for consideration should follow the Harvard Style in Word format, and sent by e-mail to the co-ordinators.

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