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Prof HR Lloyd

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Prof R Haines

Consulting Editor: Academic Standards

Prof CVR Wait

Consulting Editors:  Future Studies

Prof. K. Jonker
Prof. C. Adendorff

Consulting Editor: Ethics

Dr C Rootman

Consulting Editors: Management Sciences

Prof M Tait
Prof E Venter

Consulting Editors: Industrial Psychology and Human Recourses Management

Dr M Mey
Prof R van Niekerk

Consulting Editor: Business School

Prof C Arnolds

Consulting Editors: Economics, Development & Tourism

Prof P le Roux
Dr R Ncwadi
Prof M Ocran
Prof J Cherry
Mr HH Bartis

Consulting Editors: Accountancy

Dr H Fourie

Editorial Co-ordinator

Administrative and Logistics Co-ordinator

Prof IW Ferreira

Mrs R Petrakis



  • Prof Barry J. Cooper, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Ms Blanché Steyn, Monash University (SA). 
  • Ass Prof Bushney, Melanie, Unisa. 
  • Mr DP van der Nest, Department of Auditing, Tshwane University of Technology. 
  • Dr Carolina Robino, IDRC, Latin America. 
  • Dr Idriss Mouchili, Director of Research at Coega IDZ. 
  • Dr Jack Bermingham, Chief Economist, IDC and Rector/President of Highline Community College. 
  • Dr Miemsie De Jager, Academic Head, Institute for People Development.
  • Dr N Ismail – Parliament. Cape Town, South Africa. 
  • Prof Elmarie Sadler, University of South Africa, Pretoria.
  • Prof Gerrit Sarens, Louvian School of Management (IAG), Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain,la,Neuve, Belgium.
  • Prof Karin Barack, University of South Africa, Pretoria.
  • Ms Kato Plant, Department of Auditing, University of Pretoria, Pretoria. 
  • Mr Lourens Erasmus, Department of Public Sector Finance, Tshwane University of Technology. 
  • Prof Marco Allegrini, University di Pisa, Italy.
  • Prof Margaret Cording –Rice university, Houston Texas.
  • Prof Marianne van Staden, Department of Auditing, University of South Africa, Pretoria. 
  • Dr Marius Meyer – CEO of SABPP.
  • Prof Philna Coetzee, Department of Auditing, University of Pretoria. 
  • Prof Philomena Leung, School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.  
  • Prof Priscilla Burnaby, Bently College, Waltham, Massachusets, USA.
  • Prof Ben Fine, Prof of Economics, Birkbeck College, London University.
  • Prof Carol Allais of Unisa Sociology.
  • Prof Gary Minkley, Professor of History, University of Fort Hare (UFH).
  • Prof Geoff Wood, Deputy Dean and Director of Research at School of Mgt, Sheffield University.
  • Prof Lesley Bank, Director of the Institute for Socio-Economic Research at the University of Fort Hare (UFH).
  • Prof MS Bayat, Regional Director: Mancosa, Western Cape. 
  • Prof Marc Miller, Professor of Marine Affairs, University of Washington, USA. 
  • Prof Paul Dunne, Professor of Economics, Bristol Business School, University of West England. 
  • Prof Terence Jackson, Professor of Cross,Cultural Management at Middlesex University Business school and editor of the international journal on CCM. 
  • Prof Vlad Kaczynsksi of University of Washington and Warsaw School of Economics. 
  • Professor Cynthia E Lynch – University of Texas, USA. 
  • Professor David Noon – Dean of the Faculty of Business, Environment and Society, Conventry University, United Kingdom.
  • Professor Krishna K. Tummala, Kansas State University, United States of America.
  • Professor L Naylor, School of Public Affairs, University of Baltimore, USA.
  • Professor Muthusami Kumaran – College of Social Sciences, Honolulu, Hawaii. 
  • Professor N Dorfling, Dean, Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
  • Professor Thomas D Lynch – Louisiana State University, USA. 
  • Prof Susan Hass, Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Prof F Biesmans, Lorrain University, France.
  • Prof André Calitz, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
  • Dr Lisbon Ketshabile, Senior Lecturer, University of Botswana; Lisbon.
  • Dr G Davids, Senior Lecturer, University of the Western Cape.