Volume 2, Number 1


Characteristics of the christian entrepreneur
Cullen, M.D.M., Calitz, A.P. and Boshoff, L.

Governments globally are encouraging entrepreneurship and creating platforms for new entrepreneurial business opportunities. The study of entrepreneurship has been approached from many perspectives and grounded in various theories. Historically, research to understand why individuals become entrepreneurs has centred on secular considerations, leaving many unanswered questions. It is the fundamental precept of the Christian faith that God calls not only ministers and other spiritual workers, but everyone to specific roles in His kingdom. Christian entrepreneurs must realise that their calling is to establish and lead business organisations that are designed to achieve positive Christian faith related results in the secular world.

In this exploratory study, the role of the Christian belief in entrepreneurship and in entrepre-neurial businesses in South Africa was investigated. The characteristics of entrepreneurs and secular entrepreneurs as well as specific Christian entrepreneurial characteristics were identified from literature and by means of an empirical study. The results indicate that entrepreneurship provides Christians the opportunity to use their talent to the glory of God and run businesses based on Christian values and principles.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial characteristics, Christian entrepreneurship, Christian business principles