Volume 3, Number 2


Innovation in e-learning: challenges for universities
Naidoo, L.D., Bayat, M.S. and Ijeoma, E.

The increasing use of technology and its benefits to the e-learning environment specifically in institutions of higher learning has been a topic of recent discussion. The focus on higher learning institutions, its academics and students is the focus of this discussion. Universities currently facing the prospect of dealing with large student numbers and class groups are increasingly seeking ways in which this technology could transform their institutions into e-learning centres thus enabling them to overcome the challenges they face. Against this background the questions being raised are the following: are sufficient strides being made by universities to change their learning environments to incorporate the benefits of e-learning? Is the university management directing policies and the necessary resources toward transforming their institution into an e-learning centre? Are students and lecturers sufficiently trained to adapt to the e-learning environment? This paper takes a look at the current state of e-learning in institutions of higher learning, both across the world and in South Africa. The paper concludes by suggesting some of the areas that are challenges to universities which they need to overcome in order to reap the real benefits of e-learning.

Keywords: E-learning; Technology; Environment; Higher Learning; Universities.