Volume 5, Number 1


An assessment of managerial knowledge, skills and attitudes required for applying a performance management system for organisational performance at Newcastle municipality
Bhengu, M. and Ndevu, Z.

In South Africa, performance management systems (PMSs) are widely implemented in municipalities to monitor and evaluate service delivery mechanisms for the purpose of improving organisational performance. The implementation of an effective PMS depends on several factors, including human elements. Therefore, the purpose of this study at the Newcastle Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal was to assess the available managerial knowledge, skills and attitudes required for implementing an effective PMS for organisational performance. A qualitative article design was employed to describe the performance management processes currently implemented at the Newcastle Municipality as well as the characteristics of these processes. A quantitative survey method was useful for collecting data and for precluding the management and performance practitioners identified through a stratified sampling method from providing data that was not within the scope of this article. The study found that managerial knowledge and skills were available and adequate at the Newcastle Municipality. Despite these findings, there was a minor but significant need to improve existing managerial skills. Furthermore, the article uncovered mixed reactions towards managerial attitudes and it was difficult to determine the purpose of the implementation of a PMS at the municipality and the attitude of members towards it.

Keywords: Performance management system; organisational performance; assessment and evaluation; public sector.